A Plug’s Life

Downloads: Windows | Mac | Linux

A Plug’s Life is a game made in 48 hours for the 2015 Global Game Jam. I worked with Obawole Idowu, Jacob Slone, Ziqiao Cloud Tian, Ivan Wang, Jacqueline Yeung, and Diana Zhu to create this game.

In this puzzle-platformer, you a play a socket girl searching for something to heal her broken heart. You explore an electrifying, dizzying world in order to find this something…or someone. The main game mechanic is that the player must rotate the environment in order to make the character move.

I served as a designer and Lead Artist for my term. I brainstormed with my team to come up with the concept, and in doing so I gained experience in rapid prototyping and development. As Lead Artist, I crafted the overall artistic vision, designing the characters, story, and overall look for the game to have. I also animated the character sprites, created artwork for obstacles and special effects, and textured the backgrounds, tiles, and other art assets that my teammates Obawole and Jacqueline created.

screenshot2A Plug's Life Sylvia KosowskiA Plug's Life Sylvia KosowskiA Plug's Life Sylvia Kosowski